Thursday, 21 October 2010

Moondustwriter's Thursday - guest featuring Shaun Masterton

Welcome to Moondustwriter Thursday.

 I'm excited to feature one of the first poets I met on Twitter -Shaun Masterton- published poet.
I am inspired by Shaun as he creates with words, drawing, and photography.

"The desire for writing has come from many different forms of creating. Writing poetry has given me the quick avenue to get thoughts and feeling out to people around me. Being a very private person makes it hard for people to get to know me. Writing has given me a gift which allows me to give a glimpse of my mine and the the things that grab my attention."

Flame on the Fire

Flicker of the fire
Burns in the night
Heat brushes your skin
Given shivers to the bullet

Lift your hands to the fire
Let the cold meet its fear
Close your eyes to the fire
The night will guide your soul

Silent howls of the trees
Bring a sigh of peace
Sway to the flames
Let your body go

Peaceful eyes open
Your lips crack a smile
Calm Warmth gropes you
From a flame on the fire

"I started off with discovering I had a photographic memory and the ability to re-create a picture by drawing it piece by piece. This is probably why I now love to create moments in poetry, taking a simple event and putting that in mind with words."

No Tomorrow

Sky lights up with the unusual
crashing rocks of meteoroids

Fires of surrounding torture
Humans scream to the skies

News with snake like finesse
Creep across blurry television

Rush to the close family
Dodging dangerous debris

Hope to reach your family 
Thwarted by human need

Chaos selfish need
Grips a race in panic

Tears of realization
The world is going to end

I love this about my friend Shaun:"If one person reads a poem of mine and it has helped them greatly, then it was very much worth my time writing that poem."

As you can see, Shaun is not only gifted but has a big heart for others.

More of Shaun can be read here 
If you follow twitter he is @notretsam
Thanks Shaun for sharing with One Shot Poetry

A last reminder - the last bell is tolling as our poetry competition closes in 48 hours. We will have more competition opportunities in the future but don't want any of you interested in being published to miss out. 


moondustwriter said...

Enjoy my friend Shaun.

and have a great Thursday

Moon Smiles

slpmartin said...

Thanks for the introduction to this poet...I enjoyed the poems you shared.

dustus said...

Shaun is a very talented individual. Glad to learn that he uses various art forms to express his creativity. That can be a blessing and challenging. Thanks for the spotlight, Leslie. I enjoyed both poems.

Claudia said...

thanks leslie for introducing shaun..

i enjoyed both poems - but "no tomorrow" really touched my heart

Pete Marshall said...

i have been following shaun for quite a while..since i was introduced to him by moonie..way back...shaun is another british poet who writes great stuff...i am so pleased to see his work spotlighted...cheers pete

Brian Miller said...

nice. love the way you describe...warmth gropes...shiversteh bullet...nice spotlight moon!

Mama Zen said...

I really like that first one! Thanks for the intro.

Maureen said...

I enjoyed reading his work here. Thank you for introducing Shaun to us.

moondustwriter said...

I know Shaun has had to put his poetry on the back burner because of his work. I know he was encouraged - thanks One Stop Poetry

Moonie smiles

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the introduction to Shaun- this is a beautiful piece and I look forward to reading more of his work.

On another note, I followed up on your (broad) hint that I should submit for the competition. It should be in your inbox right about now.

FO1919 said...

Very funny and well express.

lolaness said...

Have always known Shaun was good - wonderful to see other people enjoying his work, too :)