Monday, 25 October 2010

One Stop Spotlight: Patience Ray

Sometimes it amazes me the people that I meet here in the blog world. The world flattens a bit as you go online. One click you are in Africa, another you are in the Netherlands. It opens the door indiscriminately to those that have talent or otherwise. The lady I am highlighting today does not lack in the talent department.

I met her through Willow's Magpie Tales. You may remember the spotlight I threw on Willow (Tess Kincaid) a few months back. Patience Ray is a storyteller and a marvelous spinner of words. She does not post often, but each week I look forward to visiting Looking Both Ways, because to read her poems and stories is quite the treat. I know you will enjoy them as much as I do. ~Brian

Abandoning Birds

She rakes
broad-backed woman,
a blue bucket,
plastic bloom,
at her side.

She keeps
company with birds.
Behind her, they arrange
themselves, a brown flush
at her heels,
a feathered train.

She moves
her tool, metal teeth,
through the ripping grass,
holding the handle,
her arms, brown tendons
which lift, pull, lift pull.

She plucks
the piled leaves
from the ground
with a fleshy hand,
gold earrings quivering
as she bows,
the birds a riot of wings.

She lowers
her rake,
pronged appendage,
to gather the wooden
backbones of popsicles,
a silver flash of wrapper,
two mauled wads of gum—
one pink, the other white.

She stands,
bucket filled,
to watch the other women
sweep, their backs bent
and abandons her rake, the birds,
for a broom.

On My Mother's Side

On my mother's side there is whiskey,
an Indian woman with a white man lover.

They say they were joined at the hips,
with seven dark-eyed babies sleeping
in the same room they made love in.

He wrapped her up in high-waist skirts,
high-neck blouses, white, like his skin.
But the old steeple churches
spat her out—she was still too Cherokee,
walking barefoot into town,
a black braid slithered down her back,
singing with her wild, deer tipped tongue,
hips moving, deep woods and birthing
in her stride—the reverend said no man
would marry a red devil in a God-fearing town.

So she went home with her pale man
to their Carolina mountain—he
gave her gold rings for her ears,
one for her finger—she kissed him
with her sweet grass, sage brushed lips.

On my mother's side there is whiskey,
an Indian woman with a white man lover.


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Liza said...

Thank you for this introduction Brian.

From Abandoning Birds, the lines,
"a brown flush
at her heels,
a feathered train."

"which lift, pull, lift pull."

WOW Imagery!!!

The second piece
"So she went home with her pale manto their Carolina mountain"
The repeating of opening and closing line,

I just love it!!!

Thank you for sharing these Patience Ray, you are marvelous.

Myrna R. said...

There certainly is so much talent in the blogosphere. I really like this poet. Thanks for highlighting her. Will visit her blog.

D.C. Lutz said...

Thank you for the introduction Brian. These pieces are really wonderful. And to Patience Ray, thank you for sharing your talent.

dustus said...

The imagery in both of Patience's poems is wonderfully arranged, focusing intently on the subjects and actions with impact. "On My Mother's Side" reveals a great deal in both terms of history and societal acceptance. Excellent spotlight. Thanks Patience and Brian!

Wysteria said...

Wonderful poet..

Each line draws you in


Claudia said...

i have met Patience also in the "magpie section" and love her style of writing..the "abandoning birds" took my breath away
thanks patience for two wonderful poems and thanks brian for the spotlight

moondustwriter said...

Patience Ray you are a story teller indeed.
What wonderful pieces of color and flavor. The perfect picture in words

Thanks for sharing with One Stop Poetry

moon Smiles

signed...bkm said...

So happy to see Patience highlighted here at One Shot, one of the best at what she does and that is - to make long for more...these two pieces are wonderful and a sweet taste of her insightful poetry....Congrat's Patience...bkm

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for all your wonderful comments. I've loved being here and sharing with you all and am looking forward to really getting involved and checking out your awesome blogs. Thanks again Brian!

Martin H. said...

Stunning poetry. I am also a fan of Patience.

Terresa said...

I love Patience and her unique spin on the world. Each poem she writes opens my vision of possibility wider. Thanks for highlighting her here!!

Hope said...

'On My Mother's Side'

brought tears to my eyes

absolutely beautiful!

thank you

Pete Marshall said...

another wonderful spotlight on a deserving poet...two beautiful verses both worth a second, third and fourth read...cheers Brian for a great post