Sunday, 24 October 2010

One Stop Poetry Interview with Photographer Silviu Ivana

One Shoot Photography Sunday!

Sunday means another photographer for your viewing pleasure. Today we’ve the honor of introducing Silviu Ivana, a Romania-based photographer with a focus on nature photography. His explorations have brought forth some truly beautiful art, and we are grateful to have but a few of his pieces for you today. For Silviu, it is the touch and feel of the world that drives his photography.
Chris Galford


How did you become involved with photography?
"My first contact with photography was when  I was in high school. I asked my mother to buy me a camera for Christmas. Unfortunately after a few days somebody had stolen it when I was at a party. It was a simple camera with film, but it was my first camera. Since than I have changed a few cameras."

What about photography appeals to you?
"I believe that photography gives me the possibility to express the way in which I see the world. It also gives me (sometimes) the power to shape it in a way in which I want to see it. But the most, it gives me the possibility to transmit the beauty of this world."

Do you find any similarities between photography and poetry?
"Both give the possibility to share a feeling or a multitude of  feelings. The photography uses the visual way and poetry uses the written way."

Do you have a personal philosophy about photography?
Currently I can't say that I have a clear philosophy, because I don't have the necessary experience for that. I can say that my current principle is to "use" the camera every time I have the possibility and whenever I believe that I see something that can be captured in a photography. In time, I will develop my own philosophy, mainly based on the photography type that I will enjoy the most.

Where are some of the places you’ve shot photographs? Do you have any favorite locations/spots?
Now I enjoy the landscape/nature photography, so every place on this earth can be a candidate for great shot. At the end, it's all about the capacity of the photographer to "build a frame" for that location, a frame that will capture the attention of the viewer.

What catches your attention when you're taking photos? 
"I try to capture everything that touches me; that reaches my heart. It can be the beauty of place, or of a face. But it also it can be the pain of a person, or the degradation or the mystery of a place. All of these are parts of our life, it's not always the nice part."

What kind of camera, lens, filters do you use?
"Currently I use a Canon 450D with 18-55mm and 55-250mm lenses. Most of the times I use also a polarized filter. I work most of the times with the Av and Tv settings, based on the situation."

Could you please recommend a few photography resources for individuals who wish to know more about the art form?
"There are plenty of specialized photography sites and books (either reaching general topics or either treating specific topics), the only condition is to have time to read and practice. Here are a few examples of sites from where I 'steal' the photography knowledge."

Digital Photography School :
Photography About:


Visit Silviu's Picasa page

His photography blog:
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dustus said...

I took the challenge, and I hope you all will give it a go too! Mine is up...
Poetry Prompt

Excellent One Shoot, Chris G!

Brian Miller said...

some gorgeous the sail boats and the mountains....thanks for the intro....

Gramma Ann said...

Loved the pictures.... I took the challenge also.. As always be gentle with me, I'm new at this.

dustus said...

No worries, Ann. Thanks for taking the challenge :)

Claudia said...

thanks adam for introducting silviu - jumped over to his site and had a look at...the switzerland pics...nice
thanks to silviu for the pics and also the helpful links (one day i may start to photograph....)

Chris G. said...

Silviu's got a great collection of photography, I encourage all of you to check him out whenever you get the chance. Like nature pictures? Definitely a person to have a look at.

And thanks those of you that have participated in the poetry prompt!

Malcolm Miller said...

I love this exciting site, but am still confused as to how to join in!

me_duress said...
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me_duress said...

Have had writers block for the longest time, you are motivating me to shrug it. Here's an attempt.

Pete Marshall said...

this was a great interview...these one shoots are always so well planned and thought out...some amazing photography..cheers pete