Friday, 1 October 2010

While the G-Man's away the One Stop Poets ...


We are not in the story business yet, though I've heard Dustus can weave a fine microfiction.
The G-man aka Mr. Know It All ( he really does) is away hunting possem or brewing moon shine or...
So while he's away, we are going to try to stay out of trouble - Ha! Why should he have all the fun???
 If you have never written a story in 55 words, try it.
If you are a regular - let's make that critter proud!

Here's one in honor of you - G-Man

Has a thing for feet we've heard
You may think that fetish quite absurd

but has a heart that purrs
in exactly 55 words
 Fridays he has us all enmeshed
 makes 55ers take the test

His humor knows no bounds
when G-man does the rounds

 rumbling Harley's clear
we know that G-man has been here

 "Mr. KnowItAll
That’s what he’s called
Got our backs
In barroom brawls

Prefers Wolverines
Coffee to tea
Cherry cars, roaring Harleys
Big House on Saturday
Might be his sanctuary

Always wish to take part in his meme
Consider him part of the One Shot Team!

Bawdy humor
Thing for feet
Michigan proud
Our blogosphere complete

For more 55s to read or if you want to try your hand. Visit G's site
Thanks G-Man for your support of One Stop Poetry the feeling is mutual

Vette photo:

Harley photo:


One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers & Artists said...

Enjoy a One Shot / G-Man Friday Flash Fiction
This really will be hosted from coast to coast

Jannie Funster said...

Well, this is a way cool double treat 55 today, guys! Especially like the visual of G-Man in the Michigan Mitten.

You all rock, and it's a dream come true to call so many of you wild and roving poets friend.

xo to all.

Mojo said...

Wow... yer all fancy with the magical widget an' everything! Better watch out G, you'll be out of a job!

Monkey Man said...

Ol' G-ma-an had a blog...Mr. Knowitall. And on his blog you leave a comment....Mr. Knowitall. With a comment here and a comment there, here a comment, there a comment everywere a comment..It was so confusing I almost cried...Mr. Knowitall.

Okay...a real bad Ol' MacDonald, but come many places do you have to let know you're playing???

My 55 is HERE . And there. And...oh nevermind.

Brian Miller said...

welcome to one stop everybody...

my 55 is up! be around in a bit...

Thom said...

Great 55. Loved it and thanks for helping out. Mine is up HERE. Have a great Friday.

Alice Audrey said...

Nice tribute. Love the feet. Wait, that doesn't mean anything, really.

clean and crazy said...

great tribute to a great blogger, thanks for covering, i got mine up this week

Linda said...

Just posted my 55...meow!

alex said...

never really got to know g-man know that he's away for a while...
well first time making anything with 55 words

Mama Zen said...

Excellent 55 for the G-Man!

Me said...

Awww...I love the tribute to the great g-man! Great job! :)

(oh, and I love the linky thing, too!)

Prayer Girl said...

I left a comment on G-Man's blog and I'm leaving one here cause I said I would. Loved his 55 and the one here in tribute.

Mine is up.


PattiKen said...

I know G-Man didn't offer the third option of leaving comment at both sites, but what the heck. This is sort of like home, and besides, mine is a poem.

I’m fluttering by here.

steveroni said...

Me too...gotta comment both blogs.
For mine, please click
HERE and BTW, who or what is FDR? --grin!

Awful nice of your Peeps to perform this service for G-Man AND all us Peeps! Thank YOU!

ladynimue said...

nothing better to say of G-Man !!! he's my fav rockstar on blogs :))

magiceye said...

a lovely tribute to g-man!!

joanny said...

Sweet post to the best Friday night host ----

hope he is having fun, I made something to go with his possum dinner, in 55 words, recipe at the end as a postscript encase anyone is having possum pie.


Belinda said...

You guys rock, don't you?! How cool that you're hosting this meme. Just heard about it. I know, where have I been.

MorningAJ said...

Great of you to step in to help out G-Man. He'd be proud of how you've done it!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

GREAT 55 tribute.

Greyscale Territory said...

Adored this tribute to the G-Man! And thanks for being great sports helping him and us to keep going! Enjoy your weekend!

Nessa said...

Fun poetic ditty to the G-Man. This is like a party.

Eric Alder said...

Count Bubba in! Funny Bits

Kim A. said...

Am here via G-man's blog and you all rock for hosting while he meanders the byways. I'm up here

Loved your tribute and so will he!


dustus said...

Thanks, G-Man! You're an outstanding individual and friend. Everyone knows that already. Just wanted to say it again.
Mine's up Thanking Stars

izzy said...

"Double your pleasure, double your fun-"
mysteries abound ! Good day all ! Thanks.

Jadey said...

I love it what a great tribute to the GMan. I am up and I am back and blogging woo hoo so please check me out and spread the news. I used to be under the blog jadeyshouse so anyways have a great weekend.

Vodka Logic said...

Great tribute..he will be proud.

Like the Mr. Linky

brokenpenwriter said...

What fun - an opossum story challenge. Possum's plight is too often unseen until too late, as in my story. The Possum's Tale.

HisFireFly said...

I'm joining in the fun for the very first time, left my link with Mr. Linky.. hope he treats it well.

Eric Alder said...

Kim A's link was broken - I fixed it.

moondustwriter said...

I've decided when the G-mans away the One Stoppers don't have time to play.

It's been a great 55 all

and I'm hoping that Mr. Know it all is surprised by all the food prepared for him.

We'll deliver it in that Blue Corvette - lol

Have a "kick the door closed on your way out" weekend

cheesy moon :)

lime said...

what a terrific tribute to gman. i just know this put a smile on his face and warmth in his heart.