Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Saturday Spotlight: Nancy Denofio

The Saturday Spotlight: Nancy Denofio

I first came across Nancy via Twitter, @NancyDenofio, when she invited me to join her Facebook group, Got Poetry. As we got to know each other I got to know her work....and its quality. Nancy already has one poetry book published, What Brought You Here. Her second, Did You Ever Want To Fly?, is due out next week.

What is interesting, however, about Nancy is that she was discovered by her publisher, Dystenium LLC, on Twitter!!!

I had all intentions of writing a great bio, retelling this great tale and introducing you to her tremendous work, but guess what, it has already been done! For those of you that are regulars to One Stop Poetry you know Maureen Doallas and her site, Writing Without Paper. Earlier this year, Maureen wrote a wonderful article and introduction about Nancy, combining her poetry with an absorbing interview.

"Poet Nancy Denofio was on Twitter one day this past March, alternating passionate tweets about health care reform with posts of urls to her homepage and a blog, when she received an e-mail from someone who'd followed her links, read a bit of her work, and expressed interest in her poetry. Ironically, Nancy tells me in an interview I conducted with her by e-mail, the first piece of work the individual had read was "What Brought You Here?"

To see the original article please visit Introducing Poet Nancy Defonio, by Maureen Doallas.
Please enjoy this poem with me by Nancy.

by Nancy Defonio

A white butterfly -
You - have come home to dance
on my shoulder - high above daisies
to spin in circles

casting our shadows on a pond
a rendezvous of seasons, and
a landscape covered in snow.
You fooled me.

Your sister’s, sister?
No one noticed when she fell
through ice.
A white picket fence keeps
me away.

I feel your wings .
You flutter toward the barn
passing the statue of the
Blessed Virgin Mary.
We dash to skip over holes
in the floor of the barn.
You grab my hand
we skip over light; reflections

on a wide plank floor.
We pass a broken lantern -
red glass shimmers,
and Grandmother’s wedding dress
hanging near our homemade stage.

You grab my hand, and together
we run to the hillside -
we roll into a ball and tumble
“head over heals,” Grandmother said
on over grown grass.
We roll over clover and our toes tangle
in weeds,
we roll near apples left beneath the apple

In winter,
I hear you laugh -
your tears roll down your face
you’re laughing so hard
you bend to catch your breath.

Your chin captures yellow of a butter cup,
and again - the wings of a white butterfly
leads me to the white picket fence.
The slope disappears.
The apple tree, a twig.
And your face
appears in murky water.
Your laughter still surrounds me.
A stone is tossed, and circles swirl over,
and over.

My eyes close as if captured by the
swirling water,
and you were gone.

Forgive me.

A yellow eye - inside a white daisy
asked me to dance.
We are leaping across summer grass
near tall weeds and wild flowers.
A dance ends – so,
I snap your stem to take you home.

One Stop Poetry wants to wish Nancy Denofio the best with her new publication; 
Did You Ever Want To Fly
available soon


Brian Miller said...

i love the imagery...nutterflies are so graceful like dancers...tha tthe daisy...nice...popping over to read the interview now...

Shashi said...

I have enjoyed my interaction with her on various social medias and I loved her verses and her style.. like this one, the end is so stark and strong .. I enjoyed her poetry... and looking for more...

Now as Brian says, off to read her interview...

जय दुर्गा जी, जय काली माँ
Jai Durga Ji, Jai Kali Ma
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

Claudia said...

this is fantastic - loved it!
...and off to the interview as well...

dustus said...

"You Asked Me To Dance" is a fine poem both in use of imagery and the warm feelings of nostalgia its lines evoke. Thank you for sharing, Nancy. Congrats! The background story is also fascinating. Excellent intro article on your site, Maureen.

Great Saturday Spotlight!

Maureen said...

Pete, thank you for highlighting my interview with Nancy. You've selected a lovely poem to illustrate her enormous cache of poems that are now being published. I delighted in Nancy's backstory; it's so encouraging to writers, especially poets, with its message of "just stay with it and someone will take notice". Nancy is a particularly gifted networker and I continue to wish her much continued deserved success.

moondustwriter said...

Just like a dance there ares so many movements in this poem. There are high points but then the end of the dance is at hand.

Nancy we are honored to have you here at One Shot. Thank You.

another great spotlight Pete.

Moon Smiles in the twinkling sunshine

betweenhearts75 said...

Just so recently encountered Nancy connecting blogs. Wonderful poetry and such a great spotlight of her work. Loved this poem featured, very captivating. ~April =))

Myrna R. said...

Beautiful selection and what a nice story - perhaps the fantasy of many, to be discovered on line. Wow!