Sunday, 4 July 2010

Rear View Relationships: A Poem In 160 Characters

Rear View Relationships

objects in the mirror
are closer than they appear,
the words taunt me
as you walk away.

tears spill from my eyes
as i pull into traffic,
laughing at the irony.

By Brian Miller

Say it in 160 characters, then tell Monkeyman


image creative commons


Caty said...

I know that feeling...happy 4th. I'm glad I got to read you twice today!

Monkey Man said...

Ah yes. A second great 160, Bri. Hope your vacation is going well.

marie said...

I am excited to start following this new blog. Thanks, Brian, Leslie, and Peter! I enjoy all of your writings.

Ed Pilolla said...

this so subtly powerful. great stuff, as usual.

kavisionz said...

THIS ONE WAS BRILLIANT!!! What an idea...what imagery... Will never look at the rear view mirror the same way from now on...
Write on!!!

sakhii•• said...

awesome!!...simply loved it!
best one frm ur side!