Friday, 16 July 2010

Alone in the Chapel: A Poem By Adam Dustus

A Poem by Adam Dustus

It wasn't a Sunday
Nobody around
Not looking for God
Not trying to be found
Thinking about life
Spent as I tried
Remembering loved ones
Tears burning eyes
Been here before
Unlike deja vu
Memories circle
Spirit renews
While there may be
What many seek
Sensations, perceptions
Will often deceive
So why am I here?
Nothing seems clear
Alone in the chapel
Emptying fear



Desert Rose said...

I felt it Adam,the ending gently touched my heart..
"Alone in the chapel
emptying fear"
Great Lines!! inviting peace :)thank you for sharing it on one stop, it is always a pleasure to read you :)

5thsister said...

Alone? I beg to differ as the spirit softly whispers if we only care to listen.

Lovely prose.

moondustwriter said...

Adam- I feel a quiet hush as I read the last line.
so much searching in this poem, so little known.

I am soooo glad you are a partner in 1 Stop crime

Moon Smiles

dustus said...

@ DesertRose... thanks Abeer. So glad to see you in the One Stop mix! Great to have you as part of Wednesday too! Awesome.

@ 5th Sister... alone in the literal sense, though I seldom write with one interpretation in mind. Thank you for the compliment :)

@ Leslie 1 Stop Crime? lol As for poem, well, moon smiles back at you.

cheers :)

Pete Marshall said...

Hi Dustus - i must have read this about 4 or 5 times now and each time it gets better...there is such an enormity to it...a great write from a great writer..thanks Pete

dustus said...

Hey Pete. Appreciate that, as well as all your help in posting. Enjoy your weekend, my friend.

kkrige said...

I too like your closing lines Adam. Sometimes when we feel alone, we just need to feel like someone is there to hear our pain. Beautiful

dustus said...

So true what you just wrote... "Sometimes when we feel alone, we just need to feel like someone is there to hear our pain." Makes such a difference :) Appreciate your comment, kkrige.

Claudia said...

"Emptying fear" - sounds like something has already started to happen

dustus said...

That could be the case :)Thanks for reading and commenting, Claudia. cheers

Brian Miller said...

wonderful last line...there is lot of comfort in an empty empty, so full. nicely payed dustus!

TALON said...

"emptying fear" - there's nothing quite like an empty chapel to receive the fears.

Beautiful poem, dustus.

Caty said...

beautiful poem-"Sensations, perceptions Will often deceive" That line rings so true. And the last line is absolutely terrific too :) I had to read this twice!

Luisa Doraz said...

A Chapel is a place that I love to visit..often. Your words express the reason. Thanks. :)

heartspell said...

Sounds as though your mind and heart were full of so much, that you were drawn to this place of comfort... Beautifully worded...hope all fear was emptied for the time being...
I have nominated you for the pink award via Kavita
Congratulations! Heartspell

betweenhearts75 said...

So very lovely Adam, many of us, find varying ways of dealing with certain situations, seeking answers to questions....sometimes hard to find, the view of this is incredible in impact and emotion you hold, quite evident of your surrounding views...seems to me, somehow answers will be, or are already answered somehow within as well. Truly Beautiful!

PattiKen said...

I feel such soul searching, calming, strengthening in this piece. There is something about an empty chapel, church or cathedral that reaches inside unlike one where there is a service happening. Or maybe the silence just allows one to reach inside oneself.

Jannie Funster said...

Oh, this so captures the feel of enjoying the peace of a chapel all to oneself.

Great to see you over here, Dustus!


Nice pic too, of course.

Tony Single said...

Emptying fear... yes, I really like how you have expressed that. That's exactly what it feels like for me whenever I'm in a quiet place like that.

dustus said...

Thanks for all the positive feedback on this poem. Enjoy the weekend, Everyone! Thanks for making my first TGIF Post on One Stop special. cheers :)

lesliepaints said...

Beautiful, Adam. You took a personal moment and made me recall. How many chapels?

Lynda Roberts said...

Lovely Adam, I felt the loneliness that you conveyed. The chapel becomes a cathedral, taking on awe and and dispelling fear. Good!!! said...

Many years ago, I would often go, in the middle of the day, and sit alone in the sanctuary of the church I attended. There was a great skylight in the center of the ceiling, and I would sit directly beneath it in silence...thinking. It was a peaceful way to find peace. This is a wonderful piece of poetry...
Thank you.
Tracy H

signed...bkm said...

Very nice piece Dustus, we find ourselves in same places during different parts of lives...those places seem to clear our mind that we may move on through the next step of the capture that well in this piece....bkm

JamieDedes said...

Perfectly beautiful poem ... both the sentiment and the symmetry! And when we empty the fear, what is left? Love! Thank you, Adam.