Thursday, 29 July 2010

Moondustwriter Thursday

You Stood
You were the first thing I climbed
I was but a girl
pretending you were my horse
your stood firmly
playing along
You stood proudly by
watching as I grew
I rode that mare
and was thrown
You never laughed

There came the day
I was too bold
approaching an angry bull
you stood offering safety
a strong arm

You opened your gates wide
 my first time
mastering the blue truck
you stood smiling 
at my success

You stood sagging
 I waved "goodbye"
pulling my mare and memories
behind the blue truck
"come home soon'
you wanted to say

Thank you to my friend James Bengel for this beautiful shot "The Eyes Have It"
If you are looking for a gift, James has a fine selection of wonderful photos to chose from
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My trademark may be the Moon "question of the week". We would love for you to share an early memory of you as a writer or of someone who encouraged you to write. You can read my "memory" in the comments.
The Vortex of Passion 

Take a breath - please
reeled in
the danger

Look away - Please
by something that isn't real
to the pull

Look around - PLEASE
the horizon
something to hold on to

Draw Back - PLEASE
before you are
into the vortex
of passion

passion appears
to be

Thanks Liebe Dich for the photo of  The Storm

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One Stop - The Place For Poets & Writers said...

Welcome to One Stop hosted by Moondustwriter.
I've been telling stories since I was old enough to talk. I can't tell you how many friends and family members told me I should put them in print.
I'm in the process of getting several more of my children's stories into print.
Happy Thursday 1 Stop friends

Brian Miller said...

happy thursday moon...both verses are very nice...very different...the first feels like a strong parnet, maybe a father...the last seems a little more on the spicy side...smiles.

i will give you a funny one...i wrote a short story in the 4th grade using spelling words...only i misspelled one of the spelling words which unfortunately meant something terrible...which we found out as i ws reading it to the class...

g-man said...

I just LOVED the Vortex.
Passion is running rampant this week.
This was typically Moonesque.
Thats a synonym for Superb!!

Tony Single said...

Both of these are fantastic poems, but I must say that I absolutely love the urgency and desperation of the second one. I've felt exactly those sentiments at various times, and the image of a tornado that accompanies the poem is an apt one! :)

Mama Zen said...

I loved the urgency of the second one, too.

Mojo said...

Well naturally I love the first one ;-) (what a fine photo you chose too!). It has that same feeling I get from Tonka when I have to leave to go to work for the day and he gives me The Look. Packed full of great memories it sounds like.

As to the second, when passion is real it isn't a dangerous vortex, but when it's a sham... yes, look away.

Felicitas said...

These are both really lovely pieces - though the second spoke to me a little more just now. G-Man's right: passion seems to be the theme of the week!

izzy said...

The tautness of hide over bone.
Remember that rock solid firmness
of a saddle well cinched ?
slight creak of stretching leather,
unyielding iron stirrups.

Moss on rock could slip,
bark on Pine could crumble.
A bike could skid,
my brother was strong when we wrestled; but the barn and horses
smelled sweet.

dustus said...

First poem seems like an homage to a father, and very well done. I like how your name under the title seems to be part of the poem. Speaking of cool, Vortex rocked. Nice work, moon

Claudia said...

I LOVE your Vortex of passion - feel the pull...strongly..

and your first poem reminds me when we used to ride and play cowboys at the railing of our cellar stairs...

Caty said...

both are great. the first one was very tender while the second full of passion. Enjoyed re-reading them.

My first memory of someone encouraging me to write was my ninth grade english teacher. She told me all year I should be a writer.

Titanium said...

Beautiful! (And the photo... ah yes... the fine work of a very talented man)

I'd have to say my Mom was my very first encouragement to write- she showed me by example. Letting me read poems she'd written and tucked away... she gave me wings when I was only seven years old.

Monkey Man said...

Those are the full moon. Two wonderfully passionate poems. Thanks Moonie.

moondustwriter said...

I'm certainly grateful for those who encouraged you dear people to write. My writing benefits each day.

Happy Thursday at One Stop Poetry

Nithin R S said...

I loved the first poem alot. It looked as if its reminding a father or mother who stood up always for the poet. Nice one.

Kavita said...

You Stood By was a touching poem of how our roots stay the same, but how we forget them as we get older...
Well, at least I saw it that way.. :)

The Vortex of Passion - very stark, bold and chilling!!! I was drawn into its vortex :)

brokenpenwriter said...

WOW - what an incredible photo (I usually comment on the writing first, but this shot is amazing). I loved the piece, the way it pushed and pulled the reader, as if nature was really putting on a show, and the reader had to look here, now there before it all disappeared into the night. Really nice work.

TALON said...

The passion is so mesmerizing and you wrote of it so well. Almost impossible to tear yourself away.

I've been writing since I could hold a pencil.

moondustwriter said...

Thanks to all of you for your visit today.

If you have a good writing question - give me a poke.

Love from the moon

Pete Marshall said...

Hi moonie..what a treat to come back too..both were fantastic pieces, yet so different, the vortex was so you at your best..well done..

in answer to your question..when i was a kid i would write stories and when i was a teenager i would write angst poems. no one knew, it was my secret...just before christmas this year i was cleaning out the attic and came across some of the poems i had written when i was 16..i brought them down and read them..and then my eldest son asked me what i was reading and i showed him..he told me to write some more and kept nagging till i did...i would say it was down to him that i am now writing..and i love him even more for it because if he didnt push me i wouldnt have found the joy that i am experiencing and all the encouragment i am receiving from such wonderful peers

PattiKen said...

I love the encouragement that laces through the first of these, and the love and appreciation for the person who was always there to offer it. As a mother who has watched three chicks leave the next, I can really relate to the last line.

The second poem is just hot!