Monday, 19 July 2010

Bake until Golden, Sweeten to Taste: A Poem by Shay

A poet that I recently stumbled upon, and has linked up to One Shot, is Shay aka. Fireblossom. Shay has an entrancing style that grips you and just won't let go. The following is a poem from the early days of Shay's Word Garden. Know you will enjoy them, as I do. Thanks Shay! ~Brian

Bake until Golden, Sweeten to Taste: A Poem By Shay

I searched the sun
Which was the color of a sugar cookie,
But in the end,
The day hoarded you for itself--
Leaving my face tilted in the window
Like an empty plate.

I hid my name in a honey jar;
Did you think
A thing as simple as a sweet tooth
Could sing to you like that?

I have many recipes,
But just a single sweetheart;
And I can use many wiles
All for a common cause.

Follow your craving,
I'll be waiting...
Come to my kitchen, now Love, now.
I will distract you with temptations,
And when your eyelids fall to savor,
You'll never notice
The softly closing door.


moondustwriter said...

The cookbook for love.

Delightful Shay.

thank you for sharing your talent on One Stop Poetry
Thanks Brian for posting this great stuff.

Here's to a great week on One Stop Poetry

cheers from the Moon

Kay said...

one of my favorite recipes (Shay)... without spice in our life, what would the point be????

Brian Miller said...

i will be the first to say i can not cook that great (with food) but there is just something about the kitchen that adds to the sensual nature...wonderful verse shay!

Fireblossom said...

Hey wow, that's...that'! I'm delighted to have been invited to have my poem appear here, and also to have the chance to participate in One Stop!

Tony Single said...

You lucky thing! Not only are you a great wrangler of verse, but you also know how to make those verses sing. Bravo!

Gonna have to lift my game now... ;)

dustus said...

So much present between the lines in this poem. Clever use of imagery and metaphor. Very well written. Thanks, Shay

Pete Marshall said...

wow...i came into your kitchen and tasted the sweetest cherry pie!!!! an amazing poem selected by Brian this week, full of imagery and imagination...excellent work Shay

TALON said...

Beautiful, Shay.

signed...bkm said...


So good to see your work highlighted here... Lovely piece - would like a copy of the are an inspiration ...bkm

Titanium said...

Shay- it's awesome to see your poetry here! This is simply delectable.

Claudia said...

..I will distract you with temptations... so well much in between the lines..and such great pictures used...

Mama Zen said...

Shay is unfailingly brilliant.

kkrige said...

ummm, I need something sweet now

Boonsong said...

This really is delightful. I love the style. Thanks for sharing this.

All the best, Boonsong

JamieDedes said...

You can't hear me Shay, but I'm cheering. This is so wonderful! Thank you . . .

Jessie said...

i don't enjoy my time in the kitchen, but with a verse like this...i may start! lol

i do love your way with words.


Kira Stann said...

A beautiful poem. Makes a person want their own kitchen to be filled with that!

PattiKen said...

Um, absolutely delicious, Shay. Thanks, Brian, for sharing these goodies.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I'm still visualizing the "Leaving my face tilted in the window, Like an empty plate"! Great senses metaphors, as is likening love to sweet food-
I'll have to find more time for Fireblossom n her archives...

Thanks one stop, fun reading here