Friday, 23 July 2010

Depression's Last Curse: A Poem by Adam Dustus

Poem  & Photo by Adam Dustus

We shall see
Maybe one day
Melancholic shades of grey
Swear off reflection
Verse not a weapon
No weeping leaves echo
Care for pretension
Fall into winter
Whether it proves worse
Reflections froze dreary
Gloom bridging mirth
Tree placid mirror
Arcs hiding work
Restorative energy
Depression's last curse



Tony Single said...

"Gloom bridging mirth"

I relate to that line, and so fine a one that's drawn between two such vastly opposite emotional states. Almost like one having to actively choose to get up and walk from one tired, oppressed country to the next, a land flowing with milk and honey.

Sorry, I'm rambling. That's just where your fine poem happened to twist the flow of my thoughts... :P

Brian Miller said...

wicked flow dustus...some nice rhyme scheme...i hear what you are saying tony...there is some heavy emotion in this one...

betweenhearts75 said...

Excellent Adam, I can relate considering the surrounding elements involved in my life right now. Trying to keep it together, hang on to the good, keep a belief of. I'm sure it shows in some of my writing to some level. Contrasting. Very well done!

Boonsong said...

I enjoyed this. Very stirring. Thanks.

All the best, Boonsong

Gwei Mui said...

Oh very deep and richly dark I got the sense of almost being smothered by thickness

"Restorative energy
Depression's last curse"

Now those are the two lines that hit the hardest.

Pete Marshall said...

Hi Adam...where do i start? I read Talons the other day and now yours and both have captured the very essence of the heavy foreboding when in that darkest place....depression though is part of me, i have lived with it all my life and i embrace it because with out it my highs would not be so wonderful and joyous..when i am high i am invincible and i need the depression (even when it is at its worse) to recharge me!!!! Thanks for sharing it was a beautifully crafted piece with delicate rhyme..excellent..cheers bud

kavisionz said...

The play of words was just terrific!! Wonderfully done rhymes too..

I must say I really enjoyed reading this one (although it's about depression).. I suppose it's the way you bring it across is what makes it a joy for the reader (irrespective of the topic) And with this, you've done it again, Adam!!! Bravo..
To you and to One Shot!!!

dustus said...

@ Tony Single: Thank you. That's a pretty accurate interpretation of what I had been going through at the start of summer. I do feel the to the side of mirth—almost there :)

@Mr. Miller: thanks for reaching out to everyone. Both your writing and commentary is prolific.

@ April (betweenhearts75) TY for the encouragement, both in your writing and care. It's wonderful exchanging feedback with you.

@ Boonsong: Thanks. Glad you liked it. Warm regards.

@ Gwei Mui "Restorative energy
Depression's last curse" Those lines hit home for me in terms of setting, and remind of all the construction occurring over the bridge in the City of Lansing at the time of the photo.

@ Sir Marshall... Thanks for sharing that, Pete. I've been fighting depression for probably longer than I care to admit, though it used to be far worse until I found an outlet in writing (photography too). It's all about finding an emotional balance in life. I'm getting there. Working with the One Shot Poetry crew def helps. You, Bri, & Leslie rock and made me feel like part of the team from the get-go :)

@ kavisionz: Appreciate your comment, especially the word-play part. I'm fascinated by the flexibility of language in terms of multiple meanings and musicality. Those aspects of writing keep me striving. Thank you!

Claudia said...

strong emotions - well captured - verse not a weapon - maybe sometimes...penetrative..

dustus said...

Hi Claudia :) "Verse not a weapon" can also be read as a choice, as in choosing writing over taking arms (against one's self). Your interpretation is equally valid and words can certainly be used as damaging weapons against others. Thank you so much for reading my poem and commenting.
Cheers :)

heartspell said...

Perhaps you wouldn't write so beautifully were it not for depression and the extremity of feelings that go with it...there are rainbows in many grey skies. There's a balance for us. I sometimes wonder if depression and poetry go hand-in-hand, thus the need to express the feelings, getting them on the page and out of the heart...Anyway...beautiful post and such a serene, peaceful it. Heartspell

moondustwriter said...

crazy my comment didn't come thru sorry AD.

Sooo gloomy- a heavy gloom pervades the theme and picture

beautiful my friend

Happy Friday
tomorrow is Pete

Luisa Doraz said...

Your words put me in a world that got me to see many things. :) Thanks. Have fun today.

PattiKen said...

Very descriptive, Adam. Nice writing.

dustus said...

@ heartspell: makes sense what you say about poets expressing feeling— understanding feelings seems a step toward achieving needed balance. HS, your comments are always considerate and thought-provoking. Many thanks.

@ moondustwriter: You should write a gloomy one and call it "moon gloom". he he. thanks, Moonie :)

@ Doraz: thank you, my friend :)

@ PattiKen: thanks for the feedback, Patti. cheers

TALON said...

Fall into winter - there's almost a play on words here. Falling into the cold of depression/falling from one season to the next...

Really enjoyed this poem, dustus.

Desert Rose said...

lovely read picked your words carefully,very nice work here cheers!

dustus said...

@ Talon: thank you. Your feedback is always welcome and respected, as are your poetic works :)

@Abeer(Desert Rose)I used to write much more stream-of-conscious types of pieces before beginning to blog. Think I might re-experiment with that again :)