Friday, 30 July 2010

Forever Band: A Poem by Adam Dustus

Poem  & Photo by Adam Dustus

Nothing in this world compares
Snuggling as a story’s shared
Future remembering

Caring for life

Cited scaring
Words alter lives
Ideas like fresh air

3 sisters shoulder

Teller older
Open-eyes wonder
Peaceful daze
Idyllic summers
When comfort meant everything
Before unprepared 

To feel, to read

That they understand
Growing up, love
Connect written paths
Sharing books
Forever band



Mama Zen said...

Love the play on words!

dustus said...

Thanks, Mama Zen :)

TALON said...

So lovely. Nothing sweeter than sharing story time. Really enjoyed this, Adam.

moondustwriter said...

Beautiful inspiring piece Adam.
Thanks this is perfect for "Dustus Friday"

Love from the Moon

Brian Miller said...

nicely played adam...story time is one of my favorite times...

Boonsong said...

Thanks. I really enjoyed this.

All the best, Boonsong

Cindy said...

You're right Adam, that sort of sharing is incomparable.

Cindy said...

You're right Adam, that sort of sharing is incomparable.

dustus said...

@ Talon : I used to read story time each day to autistic children— seems like a lifetime ago. Writing this one brought back those memories. thanks :)

@ Moon: TGIF! What a week! Hope we made Pete proud :) Have a great weekend, L

@ Bri: Story time is fun, usually not so much deconstructive criticism from the audience, only occasional heckles. lol

@ Boonsong: Thanks for your feedback—much appreciated :)

dustus said...

@ Cin: Some of the best memories I have of teaching were from reading and talking about stories. thanks :)

Kavita said...

I am a single child, and have always been very happy that way:) But this poem so so SO brought out the importance of connection between siblings, that for that 1 instant, I started to wonder..did I miss something.. But then I realized I've shared some AMAZING times of BONDING with some my most favorite cousins (still do).. So it's all okay :)

An excellent selection of words here, Adam.. As usual, brilliant!

Amanda said...

This is really inspiring Adam....and brought back memories of my own. Have a wonderful weekend. x

heartspell said...

Snuggling as a story's shared...miss those days with my was a daily ritual after lunch. This poem captures those special moments of conectedness and learning as we read and talked about what we were reading. Great memories! Thanks for sharing...Heartspell

brokenpenwriter said...

Nice one, Adam! I felt it all over again, being all snuggled up on the couch with my big sister and my mother, and years later in the big bed with my grown daughter and the grnadchildren. Such a wonderful rich source of magical moments, and you caught it in your poem.

dustus said...

@ Kavita, Amanda, Heartspell, brokenpenwriter... Thank you for the thoughtful comments :)Have a great weekend!

Jannie Funster said...

Dustus, you just keep on surprising me with your poems. Loved it!

Reminds me of the countless hours I snuggled beside my little Kelly-bops with books, the sweet little one beside me!

And guess what? I've decided YOURS will be the next Friend link button at the top of my sidebar, so look for that sometime before the clock strikes midnight in Texas today!! :) Or is it really 00:00 hours when the clock strikes midnight?


dustus said...

Hey thanks, Jannie! Appreciate the Friend Link button. How cool! Midnight is 00:00. Funny I had to look it up for this post to try to schedule it for that time on Friday. lol Glad the poem reminds you reading with Kelly. Thanks for sharing that :)

Pete Marshall said...

Hi adam..catching up and what a joyous first poem to come across..excellent you are commanding Friday with pride..cheers Pete

PattiKen said...

Memories of these magical story times will forever band them together. Lovely and very sweet.

dustus said...

@ Pete : Welcome back!!! Hope you had an outstanding time, my friend :)

dustus said...

@ PattiKin : Appreciate your feedback and take on story time :) Thank you!

Tony Single said...

Happy times! Long live the Forever Band! :)