Thursday, 8 July 2010

Lost Forever: A Poem By Moondustwriter

Lost Forever: 
A Poem By Moondustwriter

Could you really be
the all encompassing
reality that I need
to return to me???

How can an image
an idea
make a difference
for living breathing flesh?

Yet - your words
speak clear
of me
and you

I believe

I will be
submerged into the swamp
of lost forever

for you see
my heart and I
are intertwined
as I would like to be


Thanks to Oddstock for this entrancing picture


TALON said...

"If I believe" - those 3 words just hang there, waiting to tip the balance...and leaves me incredibly curious.

desk49 said...

Is our hearts and souls
so intertwined we give all
Must we be lost forever
upon words just spoken
will an image alone last
when time itself moves on

Question only you can answer

Mama Zen said...


Monkey Man said...

Now that's love at work. Excellent expression of the heart.

Claudia said...

I've been reading your poem over and over - really curious what it is about - trying to analyze with my mind instead of my heart - maybe a mistake - you're asking questions - not sure to trust yourself - afraid of consequences if you give in - but would love to...?
It's beautiful!

PoeticHeart said...

Wowwww, I love this one Leslie! Spectacular writing...definitely the "If I believe" felt there. You did this so well and nailed it. Amazing!

Pete Marshall said...

you say some amazing things and kept this one under wraps for one stop..well done my friend..cheers Pete

Brian Miller said...

there is a lot that could be read into this one what can you believe that you must give up your heart...hmmm...

moondustwriter said...

Im thinking my love affair is over
Dove honey sweet as you are we are thru

love y'all

Jessie said...

"submerged into the swamp of lost forever"



PattiKen said...

This is lovely. "If I believe" says so much. If one has been hurt, this is often the hardest part of all.

I'm not sure why you chose the photo, but I'm picturing a romantic meeting up there.

Chris G. said...

Wonderful! Very powerful--as such things of the heart do tend to be.

heatblast said...

Can't say it any better than these guys... Great poetry here! :)

Alice Audrey said...

That belief is such a fearful step.

Peter Stone said...

I like the idea of the other being the link to reality that helps the writer find themselves again.

moondustwriter said...

If I believe...

I will meet incredible poets who bathe the moon in inspiration.

Thanks for letting me share Thursday with you

signed...bkm said...

love..."my heart and I are intertwined" speaks very nicely to the soul...bkm

g-man said...

I swear you get into every Lovers head...Very sweet, very sad, VERY MOON!
Thank You for sharing that fantastic creative talent with us all....G

Tony Single said...

Unrequited, hopeful, and yet the trepidation...

dustus said...

That's cool how you pulled the entire poem around from so many questions into those clever last lines that sound very well-placed.