Thursday, 15 July 2010

By the Bay: A Poem Of Forgotten Love In San Francisco Bay By Moondustwriter

By The Bay: A Poem of Forgotten Love 
In San Francisco Bay by Moondustwriter

They were magnetized
by a timeless embrace
for fractions of a moment
his eyes  just as entrancing
hers glistened  like diamonds
energy surged thru the pair
a single silhouette
caught by the light
reflected on the bay
for that brief moment
transferred back
to a distant time and place
young love was all
that entered their minds
as they danced beneath the stars
the next instant they awakened
to wisps of fog
intertwined in their smiles


Thank you Ingorr for the perfect picture


Pete Marshall said...

a beautiful piece to start the day...your opening stanza..They were magnetized by a timeless embrace for fractions of a moment..pulled me in..very powerful start..cheers Pete

moondustwriter said...

Thanks Pete- Whew was that a great One Shot Wednesday.

I have read so many wonderful poems my head is spinning.

Happy Thursday y'all

steveroni said...

Well--I missed Wednesday--in more ways than one!--but here today, and that is what makes it OK..being IN the spot where my two feet are under me, all the way to the ground...

Most enjoyable beginning of this Thursday, thanks to you, Moon Dust!

Brian Miller said...

thanks for a ray of sunshine this morning moon...(irony in that sentence, smiles.) love forever young, is more than a dream...

Jessie said...

"wisps of fog intertwined in their smiles" -- i love this line.

i missed Wed. again...oh well, there is always next week.

lovely poem to remember young love by.


Claudia said... beneath the stars...*sigh*...just so beautiful!

joanny said...

Beautiful city for young lovers -- beautiful poem. but then again I am an incurable romantic and love to read and write love.

This one was especially fine.


TALON said...

So soft and dreamy...

Kira Stann said...

You made memories dance in my head with this poem! It's just lovely, like it's creator :-)

Chris G. said...

How touching! Absolutely breathtaking imagery of a wonderful moment at an equally wonderful place. There is a dream-like quality to this poem of yours, that lends such beauty to this image of young love...

And you've successfully sparked memories in me of the great San Fran. Beautiful place, it is...

Twilark said...

A beautiful poem, you capture the wonder of a moment. I love the powerful ending 'to wisps of fog
intertwined in their smiles', it contains so much.

Tony Single said...

Fabulous, MDW. Just fabulous. And what everyone else here has said already? x2 for me!

PattiKen said...

That was ethereal and haunting, just like young love.

Desert Rose said...

so captured my heart with those lines..

They were magnetized
by a timeless embrace
for fractions of a moment

lovely read!..i am so glad i joined you here is so what i needed and i am happy to be around such talented poets.

dustus said...

Leslie, two things that strike me about this poem are the setting and the element of time, especially the latter because the meaning seems both momentary as well as timeless.
cheers :)

kavisionz said...

Awww... that was so beautifully romantic!
And like Adam says, momentary and timeless! That one moment seemingly making time stop, and yet when past, it seems so short :)
This was a dear and lovely piece... very soothing to the heart and calming to the mind.. Loved it!