Monday, 12 July 2010

Paper Dreams by Talon

This week I thought I would highlight a very talented poet and storyteller, that happens to be one of my blog friends, TALON. I think her versatility as a writer is what appeals to me the most, but she is a great encourager as well. Many of you may have met her on One Shot Wednesday, but do pay her a visit to see more of her word art, here.

Paper Dreams: A Poem by Talon

In the fiction aisle "M-Q" weak sunshine
pushed through city grimed skylights
highlighting twirling dust motes
(their dance a lively movement
in the constrained silence)
as i shelved hardcover novels
with crackling yellow covers

And when a flower skeleton
fell from between the pages
of a heavy volume---
a whisper of dreams and memories
fluttering to the worn carpet---
I swore the fragrance of violets
lingered in the air...

Talon (ktn) c 2010

I look forward to seeing all of you for One Shot Wednesday,

brian miller


5thsister said...

This poem brought me back to the old small town library of my youth...hard wood floors that creaked as you walked them, towers of books and dust motes wafting through the air, captured by slivers of sunlight. I was really sad when they tore that building down and built a new library in early 70's "Brady" architecture. Yuck.

sheri said...

so simple and beautiful...the dimly lit heaviness compared to the fragile offering of the violet...this was fantastic!

Brian Miller said...

thanks talon for putting this together for us....we had an old family bible that held pressed leaves from years passed so this stirred memories for me...

desk49 said...

Books shelved on aisle M-Q
sent dust motes dancing
Put me in aisle M-Q
My thought ran wild
when flowers fluttered
to carpet worn, I almost cried,
for those memories would be lost
but you saved their whispers
and dreams in sweet fragrance
that lingering in the air.

moondustwriter said...

I Remember the days when we would press a flower. Reflected on all the memories we stored inside that ancient tome when we closed the covers.
I could smell the old book smell in your poem

Thanks Brian for highlighting Talon's work.

Monkey Man said...

Beautifully simple. I love the imagery it instantly creates in the mind.

Claudia said...

Talon I love this! Such beautiful words!
My daughter is doing this all the time - and then she wraps her school books with clear foil and puts the dried flowers in between - as a decoration - and to give a serious math book an airy feeling...
Really beautiful!

PattiKen said...

Beautiful, Talon. Finding memories pressed between the pages of old books is so intriguing.

signed...bkm said...

this is a beautiful piece - i am a collector of old books so it really hit my heart.....loved it..bkm

Fireblossom said...

My first formal job was as a student assistant at the local public library, so this resonated for me from the start. Also, my father used to save things between the pages of books and almost anything might fall out of an opened volume; a leaf, a flower, a clipping, a name it.

This poem is gentle and wistful and I loved it. And Talon, well, she is simply one of my favorite people and bloggers. Plus, like Nell with Dudley Doright's horse, I am in love with her cat lol.

Pete Marshall said...

a beautifully crafted piece..thanks for gracing One Stop with your gift..cheers Pete

Sara said...

Talon -- I love this site and the idea.

Your poem was wonderful because it captures the feeling of a library and the older books...the mysteries of all who have shared them.

Just lovely:~)

TALON said...

First, I have to thank Brian and Pete and Leslie and Adam for creating such a great place for writers to meet and thank you so much, Brian, for highlighting my writing. I'm truly honored.

5thsister, I think we were in the same library. :) One of my favorite libraries was torn down and it wasn't even replaced with a library at all, but a concrete block of apartments. Ever time I visit that city (an area I grew up in), I still see the graceful old drafty building.

sheri, thank you so much!

Brian, thank you so much. You've triggered a memory for me - my Mom has a Bible that she keeps precious flowers in (though they are so old as to be unrecognizable) and beautiful ornate and antique prayer cards and it was always a special treat to be allowed to view the treasures inside when we were children. It's still special to this day.

Ellis, the memories of memories are sometimes all we have left though we try our best to keep solid proof of them.

Leslie, thank you so much. I wonder if anyone does the flower or leaf pressing anymore?

Thank you so much, Monkey Man.

Claudia, thank you. How sweet is your daughter trying to make math airy? That's awesome!

PattiKen, thank you. I've found some lovely things tucked inside of old books...even reading the inscriptions intrigue me.

bkm, thank you. I collect old books, too -- we're kindred spirits :)

Shay, I'm so glad you liked the poem. I've worked in several libraries (neat that we have that in common) and, though the pressed flowers are ficitious, finding things tucked inside is definitely one of the interesting things about books. You know that Stripey loves you back, right? xx

Thank you, Pete. And thank you for having me.

Sara, isn't it a great idea? I've always loved books and especially the shared history of all who have read them before. Thank you.

Caty said...

I can almost smell the better place for me than a library. Great imagery!!

Lynn said...

Lovely, Talon. The violet falling from the book to the floor - lovely. It makes me think of finding a pressed flower in one of my mother's old books and wondering what made her save it. A whisper of dreams...

Thanks for featuring Talon, Brian!

Linda said...

Yes, memories of long-forgotten flowers pressed flat with time or four-leaf clovers carefully searched for return with your flower skeleton slipping from the pages.

Tony Single said...

I have adored Talon and her boundless creativity for a little while now. I'm glad she pointed me in the direction of this here blog. Bravo, guys! :)

Meredith said...

I could see it fluttering to the floor, crossing the sunbeam, so evocative of what was once. A moment of unexpected nostalgia, captured beautifully, Talon. (And as an aside, God, I love libraries!)

And to One Stop Poetry editors, thank you for including Talon's excellent work here. Now I'm convinced you have good taste in writers. :)

Terresa said...

Love that poem!

I'm here by way of dear blog-poet-friend-word smith, Lorenzo.

Great blog, the name alone makes me want to sing!

Boonsong said...

What an excellent webpage. I'l be back.

All the best, Boonsong

moondustwriter said...

It's been another fine day at One Stop Poetry. As the Moon goes down behind the hills in the Pacific, she wants to thank all of you for your visits and support.

We are daily reminded of the talent and diversity in our midst.

Thank you dear Talon

G-Man said...

I know that Musty, but still lingering fragrance.
If you can conjur up images and sensory memories from mere words, Mission Accomplished My Friend!!
Thank You...G

Jannie Funster said...

Hi Talon and gang!

I'm not sure if my last comment posted, or got munched? :)

What a beautiful, beautiful lovely poem. I read it several times.

Thank you!!


Kira Stann said...

This is an awesome poem. How many times have we had a wiff of some scent that stirred our memories of a special place?

TALON said...

Caty, thank you so much!

Lynn, thank you for coming over and I, too, wonder what memories your mother was pressing between the pages.

Linda, glad you enjoyed it and I'm glad you've participated! Can't wait to read your poem.

Tony, thank you so much. I knew you'd like the blog and the idea of all the creativity coming together. :)

Meredith, thank you. I love libraries too.

Terresa, thank you so much.

Thank you, moondustwriter! It's been a real pleasure.

G-Man, nice to meet you and you must be the famous 55 guy! Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem.

Jannie, thank you! xx

Kira Stann, thank you. I've read somewhere that our memories are most closely tied to smell. I think it's true.

Thanks again, Brian and Leslie and Pete and Adam!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Your words feast the senses.
A beautiful dream of sunshine n floral memories found in a book in a dusty library, n books are memories too...
Interesting blog

Wild Rose said...

Huh.. found the comment section finally couldn't locate it earlier Talon and i loved your paper dreams. Gave me that library feeling and loving reading my novels. said...

Nothing like a library, especially an old time library. Talon brought it all back. A deft poem. Thanks for the intro.

dustus said...

As much as I love technology and writing online, I'll always be a fan of books, especially old ones that are discarded or forgotten. This poem is very well written and creates a clear sense of setting and mood. Great work, Talon!

Desert Rose said...

lovely read Talon..old books create new valleys of dreams in the mind.i am an old fashioned woman who is so fond of paper smell..:)