Friday, 28 January 2011

Friday Poetically with Brian Miller

Welcome to Friday Poetically.

Walking through the door of Jonas Gerard's gallery, I knew I was in for an experience. Standing in rooms filled with paintings, I was nearly overwelmed with the emotion and feeling conveyed through vibrant colors and mixed media, each carrying depth of the deepest poetry. This is exactly what Gerard seeks in his works, far more than any intellectualizing.

 Love Force #5

"People have strong reactions. Sometimes tears flow. It can be a therapeutic experience."

You can see how much Gerard connects with people in how he paints. One of the most facinating things is that he engages the viewer by putting on live exhibitions, with live music, where he will paint several canvases. His painting is spontaneous and he has no idea what will come out when he steps in front of the canvas.

"Fast spontaneous painting, rhythmic music exploding in the background. Energetic improv come to life."

"Music gets me going with a willingness to take risks."

"Learn to trust that everything happens for a reason. Give up results. Give up planning. Give up worry, and the big one, give up fear."

 The Way I See It #8

To say I found my visit inspiring is a huge understatement and the enthusiasm that resonates from Gerard is contageous. So I asked if I could share a bit of that with you by using several of his paintings as prompts for our poetry today.

•Write a poem inspired by one of the two paintings
featured in this post.
•Post it on your site.
•Sign up using Mr. Linky so people can find your work.
•Finally, visit other participants, comment, and give
credit to Jonas Gerard in your post by providing a
link to his site.

Happy Friday Everyone

Jonas Gerard Fine Arts is a working studio/gallery located in the River Arts District of Asheville, North Carolina. If you would like to see more of Gerard's artwork or read more of his story please visit their website. If you are ever in Asheville, I highly recommend a visit as I am sure you will be as inspired as I was. ~Brian


me_duress said...

My first, first! :D
Wonderful paintings and truly inspiring, thanks Brian!

OldSchoolHaiku said...

Thank you you both for a Fantastic Friday Poetically.

dustus said...

I find "Love Force #5" to be an intense, beautiful abstract painting. Very nice of Mr. Gerard to share his inspiring work on Friday Poetically. Thanks, Brian.

Brian Miller said...

thanks dustus...the takes on the prompts have been great so far as has been surprising most chose the way i see it...

Anonymous said...

Pretty slick! I like this. I stumbled on Friday Poetically while trying to get to OneShot Wednesday...Looking forward to this each week. Thanks for making it available.

Natasha said...

Wonderful work and artist! I am nervous presenting a piece inspired by such vibrant and living work. Wonderful! Thanks again :)