Thursday, 2 December 2010

One Stop Poetry - Announces Fall Poetry Competition Winner

The One Stop Poetry Team wants to thank all of those who submitted poems to the Fall Poetry Competition. Each entry was a delight which made it difficult for the judges. We will be announcing the next competition theme soon.

I (Leslie Moon) would like to introduce our winner, Renee Sigel.  You can read her winning poem in Spark Bright magazine on page 31. Congratulations Renee!

Renée Sigel was born and raised in South Africa. Her life and career portrays a rich, interdisciplinary tapestry of a life spent  between dance studios, rehearsal rooms, recording studios, orchestral tours, theatre performances, curating art exhibitions, editing, publishing, and writing.  Collaborations include innumerable commissions, award winning film documentaries, and  writing for the Zurich Opera House among others.A dancer and theatre director by training, she has worked with an array of notable and famous names. Her work has been noted, lauded as well as banned. She was forced into political exile in the mid 1990's when she relocated to Switzerland.

Since settling in northern Italy, Renée Sigel´s literary voice has flourished. She launched  the original Literati Magazine, in 2004, to international critical acclaim and issues boasted the toast of contemporary  literary giants, such as George Szirtes, oscar winning author Kate Pullinger,  the fabulously successful Tim Parks and  Kate Mosse co-director of the Orange Fiction Prize, among others. Her unrelenting support of new talent continues with her mentoring writers under the auspices of her Literati Fiction and Poetry online Masterclasses.

I am honored that we have poets like Renee as part of One Stop Poetry. For those who are in the earlier stages of writing, there are many whose style can be emulated and appreciated.
Here is just a sample of her work.

May 31, 2010

between breaths lost and lives taken,
between the hate and the memorabilia,
someone’s heart will be found still beating:
pounded by an invasion, seared by a bullet,
torn to shreds by the malicious intent
of ideological insanity, or shattered in
the silent panic of a trapped bird,
or even thudding lifeless in the dull
echo of sheer loneliness. somewhere
between the ardour and the sky,
we all felt believing, irrespective of what or whom,
was worth something once upon a time.
Who am I… ?
today i feel i am all and noneoftheabove…
I feel like a vacant lot and
like the fertile soil beneath the sadly sodden
grass that folds to itself the bodies of the lives
that never deserved to be shed.
My soul is heavy for the weight
of all that might fall apart.
for all those who never should die in the name of  an ideology

May 20, 2010

A kiss is every other kiss
Is not: incurable to scarred
The burned, the calmer heart
That of all love’s ways, not ever new
Of this reckless vow,
my soul owns You: unfathomably

Awards and publications:

In acknowledgment of her various online critical commentaries, especially regarding the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, she was nominated for the 2009 Ted Fellowship.

Sexions, Selections from Life & Love, her debut collection, was commissioned and published by Bewrite Books in 2005. Her poetry has appeared in print and online journals as well as several international anthologies.  Her most recent chapbook, Falling Slowly, published by erbacce press was published in August 2010. A Falling Slowly lecture tour at selected American universities, with proceeds dedicated to support families in their loss of a loved to suicide is being planned for Spring 2011.

more of Renee's fine work can be found on her blog


One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

Please enjoy this special feature

Thanks to all who submitted. Renee well done.


shewriting said...

congrats, Renee. I am off to Sparkbrite to read your poem!

Shashi said...

Dear Renee

You verse at the Spark Bright is amazing. Your insight of children's heart and mind is perfect ... Congratulations.

I am so glad to come in touch with you through amazing people at One Stop Poetry and read your works. There is lot to learn from you and get inspired by your work...

Wish you the best and congratulations again...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya

Emily Smith said...

Thank you very much to all at One Stop Poetry for getting us involved in their competition, and congratulations to Renee on her wonderful piece of writing.

(Editor, Sparkbright).

Helena Malheur said...

Congratulations to Renée Sigel! "THE WILD PEACH OF ANGELS" is a very beautiful poem indeed.

unremarkable_m said...

Thank you so much Leslie,Emily at Sparkbright and the rest of One Stop Team. It was great fun writing Wild Peaches of Angels and am delighted naturally for this selection from what must have been a rich field of entries. I have met some wonderful people and discovered some amazing voices here. Chapeau to One Stop and Sparkbright for spreading the love of poetry. I wish everyone who entered the competition and all who endeavour to take up the challenge of writing, every success.

My thanks to all here for their lovely and very generous compliments. This has been a lovely surprise start to my festive season.

Blessings all and keep writing.

much love


budh.aaah said...

Well done indeed. Hmm kep up with the good work and great poetry Renee!

Chris G. said...

Delightful! Fine work all around - Renee definitely deserved this. There were so many talented applicants for the competition, though - thank you to all who participated!

Caty said...

congratulations Renee! That was a great piece :)

Pete Marshall said...

well done renee...this has been a wonderfully successful competition and thank you emily & sparkbright for involvement...the publication is out and it is a wonderful read...i seriously recommend it...cheers pete

signed...bkm said...

Well done Renee, congrat's to you on this piece and on all your accomplishments....thank you for sharing your work with everyone at One Stop...bkm

Claudia said...

congrats Renée and it was a pleasure to read about the fine work you are doing

dustus said...

Congrats to Renee! Beautiful poetry; well deserved. Thanks to all who participated in the contest, and to Sparkbright for their support :)

Anonymous said...

Great poem, and well deserved win! Love your work hun


ninotaziz said...

Congratulations Renee.

Your poem was breathtaking. And yes, maybe the angels can unfold hearts...

Thank you One Stop Poetry!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your words sing, cry and fly...breathtaking.
Superb feature One Stop!

Giovanni Cucullo

Beachanny said...

Honored to read your work Renee. Clearly you deserve the award and I'm so impressed by it. The section of Lilith Kaddish reminds me of meeting two women of approx. 70 years in Church Stretton who encouraged me to stay in Shrewsbury. On the way they said to me, "it was you and your generation that we prayed for every night of WWII, that you would live in a free world". I shall never forget. I continue their prayer for the babies and the babies yet to be born. In this season, I continue to pray for peace. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Renee, amazing work posted here. (Well done Announcement too Leslie!!!) Powerful beautiful talents seen in this post!!! Well deserved Congrats to You!!! :) Now anxious to see the work in Sparkbright!