Thursday, 23 December 2010

Moondustwriter's Thursday - special Christmas Eve Eve Poetry

Thanks for joining Moondustwriter Thursday.

Since most of us will be celebrating time with our families this weekend, I wanted to reflect on another aspect of family--those we love who are absent or gone. Many have loved ones serving overseas. My friend Sean sent me a poem that was inspired by his mother. He lost her this year - it's his first year without the songs, the baking, the memories of the gifts she gave to visiting professors, or the gingerbread houses she created with  children. It can be a lonely time for many.

My father and grandfather both died close to Christmas so I remember the loneliness and still ache for their voices and reassurance at this time of year. As you read these poems (the Christmas tree poem written by Sean's mother), reflect on those you love. If you would like to link a poem, a memory, a comment, a picture, we at One Stop would love to be drawn a bit closer by the warm glow of memories and each other during the holidays.

What do I want Santa?

Our troops overseas home safe,
With their families.

Everyone to catch the Christmas spirit,
Like the flu and spread it.

For if not peace on Earth,
At least piece of mind for all.

For those who have suffered loss,
To be comforted by the season.

To wish those in despair, hunger, pain,
Comfort, food, and healing.

What do I want Santa?
I want to remember Mom with family,
In happy memories.

I want to say Merry Christmas,
To my daughters face to face.

I want to hold my love, wish her well
To unwrap her in mornings light.

What do I want Santa?
That all should want gifts of love,
Not gifts of material measure.

To ask for the impossible,
So miracles can happen.

we here 
believe      in
And     in   good      will
for      all    we     must    not
let      our   questions         over 
rule            the     starry     magic


Star photo courtesy of Cretive Commons and Luchilu:


APalmerPoetry said...

Despite being a tough time of year for those who have, recently or not, lost loved ones, can I say that I found this share a wonderful way to cast a few thoughts for my grandfather, so thank you for the opportunity. Please find my poem Yuletide Bells' linked. Note that Bells' is a British brand of whiskey. Merry Christmas all, I hope you can still find the laughs to have a good one :)

Brian Miller said...

smiles. this is a tough time of year as we gather it becomes easier to notice the empty chairs...i really like the tree and think it is wise...may the magic touch the lives of all our readers...

dustus said...

For those of us who find ourselves missing loved ones over the holidays, let us remember fondly the good times shared. Warm tidings of peace and joy to all :)

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...
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Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

What a beautiful, thoughful poem. The holidays can be such a difficult, lonely time for some.
My wish for all during this holiday season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Maureen said...

Thank you for so lovely a poem.

Merry Christmas, everyone. May peace be always with you.

Here's to a poetry-filled New Year!

bumfuzzled said...

Glad I've found the page. This time of year can be so hard for some. a tidbit of cheer can go a long way

Karla said...

This poem attempts to take Mary's perspective on the birth of her son. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!

Melissa Campbell said...

I have been remembering much this Christmas season, especially those who are no longer here to celebrate with us in body. What a wonderful idea to honor them--thank you, Moondustwriter!

Blessings to all who visit here, now and in the new year, Peace, Joy and above all, Love!

Hope said...

the poem is beautiful and deeply felt.

thank you

Chris G. said...

A good one to post, Moonie. Around this time of year, as everyone gathers with family, it's never just the ones still there we're honoring, and remembering, and cherishing, but the memories of those that have gone before. For me, it's my grandparents. All of them. This will mark the first year that all of them are gone...

A beautiful poem, quite moving...and much appreciated sentiments in the post-at-large.

Pete Marshall said...

hi and thanks for giving us this post to reflect...i also would like to share a poem...happy christmas and enjoy the times that you have together...all the best Pete

Claudia said...

thanks leslie for sharing this - spoke esp. to me as our eldest daughter will be away for the first christmas in 20 years...need some extra grace tomorrow i guess..

Tina said...

What a lovely reminder of lost loved ones. I wish peace, joy and love to all of you and yours.

moondustwriter said...

As I was looking at Ukranian traditions for Christmas I was touched by one tradition. At the Christmas meal a table setting is put on the table to recognize those gone.

Thanks to Shaun for sharing though his grief is fresh.

Always Write said...

Many are lonely at this time. Thank you for recognizing that.

Merry Christmas

Patty Sherry said...

What a special gathering for Christmas, and a lovely tribute to those who have passed. Lovely reads.

as always you sparked me. I've written a dedication to my mother, Baking Cookies with Mom

hedgewitch said...

Thanks to moondustwriter and One Stop for a thoughtful and reflective moment that looks beyond the Christmas glitter. I've tried very hard to rise to the occasion with the poem linked. For those who haven't visited for one shot wednesday, there's an additional poem remembering my grandmother just below it. With warmest holiday wishes to all.

Beachanny said...

A wonderful tribute. Christmas is many different things and is new and old every year. I never know quite what to expect but go in with heart and eyes open. Merry Christmas, all. It's been a blessing to know you.

jen revved said...

i am so sorry that what i am posting is not quite as loving and tender as i hope one day a poem to myself will be. perhaps some will relate. i've been ill and will get around to as many of you as i can in a few days; a blessed season to all of you and moon, i'll help you-- contact me. xxxj