Thursday, 30 December 2010

Moondustwriter's Thursday - guest featuring Artist and writer Mitko Gogov

I’m pleased to introduce One Stop Poetry readers to Mitko Gogov. I met Mitko on Twitter aka @potru ( where I meet most the talented people on the globe). I was drawn to his artwork  never knowing he was a published poet.
Mitko was, born 1983 Skopje, Macedonia and presently lives in France. He is a youth worker and a conceptual artist.  As youth trainer, he provides different creativity workshops such as: forum theater, multimedia, stick art, street art, graffiti, use of organic and recycled materials in contemporary art, handmade and social aspects. 
He has had several international group exhibitions 
and projects held in Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, France, Norway, and Italy. 
Mitko is a published poet and short stories writer in several magazines and anthologies: Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria. 
Active graffiti painter that currently participate on street art festivals, and works as a DJ with the name dzamski, specializing in psychedelic trance, dark forest, 
experimental and ambient sound. 

Mitko what started your journey in the arts and poetry?
Something I know about me, I look through the prism of art. When I was kid I use to write a lot. I have notes with over then 400 poems from that time. I used to write about everything that surrounds me. That outside me and the inner one, the relation between the two. Reading everything that my hands catch and I had the luck to be (all my life) with people who are in the culture and art area. At that time, most of the magazines for literature for kids and youngsters used to publish my poetry and I started with radio show on the radio in my city.
After some breaks, in high school they publish some of my poems in my school almanac & a few magazines in Macedonia; I also took part of some poetry events in my country.
There was the big break after that when I was not writing for a few years and I started again 2-3 years ago since then they’ve published my poetry in Serbia and Croatia in anthologies and in Macedonia in a few magazines for literature and I've done a few poetry performances supported by art installation, sounds, visuals etc.

In my teenage years, I started with the street art and that inspired me a lot to start with the graffiti, stencils, stickers and cartoons history. All this life hidden behind the streets and the adrenalin as part of the elements that makes the work more interesting. Taking part of some alternative art events as very young also connect me with the art. I start making for different exhibitions and contest miniatures, nature,graphics, some abstracts forms..during the time I start experimenting with stage constructions, urban or art installations. Film, video, multimedia. ..with the all contemporary art trough which I can express my concept. I've done 2 movies: one documentary and one experimental. But I've participate on making of some other film projects as part of the team as director of photography, scenography even once as part of the actors :))
I try to mix the experience from the street and the way of seeing the art also as the classical museum art ..with all this great styles that are changing trough the time.
I have also some works that are results of workshops around the Balkans made of organic and recycled materials. As conceptual artist I try to connect the concept with the origins. To bring the network back to the primitive, where the earth is respected and all the elements that keep us live. I try to promote ecological active environment 

Working from young age on different cultural events, theater and film festivals took me deep into the magic of art as meaning of the life. One of the prime substance for living. People that create art are special, pure, they make unique presence ..

How can you use the arts in your youth work (both written and visual)?
Art is perfect tool for expressing. You can present a specter of ideas trough different art methods. There are different techniques for expressing your future expectations, hopes and fears for example or using the pallet of different art periods and topics. In the contemporary era for the young people is more easy to understand the art, everything around us is art and for them sharing their feelings, emotions, opinions trough art is provocative. When I lead art workshops I give the space to the participants to create their idea on the way they want. .. with the writing skill is easier to explain them how is the proper way to put the things in line that makes sense.
It's a pleasure to be in environment with young people full with visions and ideas for better world, active citizens that are changing the society.

Prelude. Rebirth
by Mitko Gogov

In the traces of the shadows
the tranquility of their silent  voices
is vibrating.
Like lost leaves
we are pushing ourselves toward the sky,
...actors that are playing with the wind.

Prelude of the fear
to be still alive.

Decay, earth, ash,
bottles at the end of the coast,
without stopper,
without message

we transforming into particles
somewhere into  the Ocean.

All work Copyright 2010 M. Gogov
Mitko is also on Facebook 


Claudia said...

thanks leslie for an excellent feature. Art is a perfect tool for expressing - i so agree with what you say mitko and i loved your poem - esp. the lines we are pushing ourselves toward the sky, playing with the wind - great - thanks for this!

budh.aaah said...

Hmm pretty interesting words and art.
Congrats Mitko Gogov. Thanks Moonie :)

the walking man said...

Prelude of the fear to be still alive.

That is a great line.

Anonymous said...

I generally don't comment on this blog, that's not to say I'm not a huge fan, I am, I just never felt the urge to comment before. However I wont beguile you with useless critisim, just to say, the days of bleakness are here in all forms, must our poetry be the same.

annell said...

Nice post!

annell said...

I enjoyed meeting this artist, Mitko Gogov! Nice post.

Brian Miller said...

nice...i am playng around more with art with my poetry so i can response to earlier comments...i think our poetry can take many forms...sometimes it brings hope and others it acknowledges our reality...we cant hide from it...

Mama Zen said...

Lovely work!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful words, Mitko, thanks.

Naseer Ahmed Nasir said...

Wonderful words, Mitko, thanks

dustus said...

Mitko, you are multi-talented and utilize your skill to help young people. I admire that. Thank you for making a difference, as well as for sharing your work today. Inspiring post, Leslie.

dzaMski said...

dear Leslie,
thank you for the good words. I'm honored to be part of One Stop Poetry and to share part of my life experience with your readers.

~ also thanks to all of you who read the article and leave comments today and follow the work of One Stop Poetry. this is a place, great resource for writers ..enjoy spending your time here.

wish you warm greetS full with light and blessings for the new Year.

One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

Being in the world of art my entire life, I have seen all types of artistic expression. I met some great contemporary artists of the 20th century. I was inspired to keep creating. Expression is like the blood that flows through our veins - it is.

I am proud of Mitko for sharing a vision and inspiration to the next generation.

Hope said...

thank you Mitko, for sharing your creativity with us. Your works are inspiring.

Thank you Onestop, for featuring this wonderful talent.

signed...bkm said...

Beautiful poem, great write up on Mitko....thank you Leslie for the feature...looking forward to more throughout 2011...bkm

Claudio Alejandro said...

I really like the interview, and I was touched by Mitko poem. Thanks for sharing Leslie!

gracefulglider said...

Mitko and one stop poetry, good work you are doing!!
Thanks for the motivation!

Love and Light in 2011.

Pete Marshall said...

this was a very well written feature and a great insight into mitko and his work....great stuff...pete