Saturday, 11 December 2010

Announcing the One Shot Wednesday Anthology

Announcing the One Shot Wednesday Best of Poetry Anthology

When we first created One Stop Poetry our aim was to promote poetry & the arts from around the world.  Our goal was to establish a site where we could actively encourage and help poets become published.

We have already begun doing this with our recent Fall Poetry Competition, in association with Sparkbright Magazine, an online publication.

Today, it gives me great pleasure to announce that One Stop Poetry will be publishing an anthology of the "Best of One Shot - the first six months".

We have teamed up with Limited Editions Press who publish poetry under their Poetry is Life program.

You may already know of Limited Editions Press through our recent feature of Nancy Denofio, however for those of you who have not:

Limited Editions Press
New York - London - Stockholm
"LIMITED EDITIONS PRESS™ is a popular fiction and non-science nonfiction imprint of DYSTENIUM LLC - Publishing for The Third Millennium™. DYSTENIUM was founded to meet the challenges of the ‘post-Gutenberg’ era in publishing in which there has been a profound paradigmatic shift from ‘print and distribute’ to one of ‘distribute and print’.

The mission of DYSTENIUM LLC - Publishing for The Third Millennium™ is simple - to publish the finest books possible while minimizing the overall environmental footprint of the publishing enterprise. Technological advances in composition, dissemination and marketing, and end-of-chain print-on-demand production offer unprecedented opportunities for authors and publishers."

Presently the Poetry Editions Press by Dystenium LLC, editor Nancy Duci Denofio is accepting submissions of 30 - 35 pages. Please visit their website for details.

In the current series of Poetry is Life the following four books have already been released, all are available to purchase direct through Limited Edition Press or via our on-line book store

Being in a position to announce the One Shot anthology is exciting news! We will be looking for approximately 30 poems from One Shot to feature and anticipate release of this publication by the end of the first quarter of 2011. 

If you are interested in having your work featured in this anthology, please let me state the guidlines:

Presently the first six months, which ends, Wednesday 22nd December, has had over 2300 poems submitted, such is the success of One Shot Wednesday! Some of you have been involved from the very first and have submitted so much wonderful poetry. The Poems that are to be featured in the anthology must also have not been published in any other publications, other than on-line, to clarify, if you have submitted a poem to another site and One Shot this is fine, the poem can't be a published work in a magazine or book. Obviously there will be a lot of work involved in choosing what we consider to be the best and that is why we would welcome your help.

If you would wish to have your work considered the rules are as follows;

1, If you have contributed to One Shot Wednesday please forward the two poems that you consider to be your best work, by email, headed ANTHOLOGY to that have been featured in a One Shot Wednesday. Any emails received that do not have this heading will not be seen. To clarify we wish you to forward your own favourite/best poems written by you that you wish to be considered, that has been featured in a One Shot Wednesday, NOT what you think are the best of the poems written by everybody/other poets. This is not a competition for you to judge we would just like YOU to help us chose the poem that you think best represents you from your entries into One Shot Wednesday.

2. Within your email we will require you to detail the week that your poem was entered. i.e week1, week2 and so forth. All One Shot Wednesday's can be found with a link to each week at the following; One Shot Wednesday. By providing a cross reference we can confirm that you poem is valid for entry. 

3, We also require your permission to publish your poem in the anthology, giving One Stop Poetry rights to publish it accordingly. Without this we will be unable to use your poem. To clarify, only publishing rights for inclusion in the anthology (both print and electronic) and any subsequent derivative works are transferred. Copyright in the individual selections is retained by the authors.

4, The Best of will use Poetry that has been included from weeks 1 - 25 (which is 22nd December). The closing day for consideration of poems that have been submitted to One Shot Wednesday, weeks 1 - 25, is 21st January 2011. The next One Shot Wednesday is week 24 so this still gives you time to contribute to two more One Shot Wednesday's.

5, One Stop Poetry will also be viewing poems as we do not want to miss anything. Non submission does not mean non-consideration but your submission does help us in reducing our workload and choosing the poems that is a best representation of you, the poet.

6, The final selection of Poems will be a collaboration with the Editor of the Poetry is Life series and One Stop Poetry.

I am sure you will agree that this is exciting news and a great honour to be selected. As One Shot continues to grow and become an exciting platform towards promoting Poetry and Poets, we are hoping that more books will follow.


anthony desmond said...

wow! this is amazing news... I'll most definitely enter for a chance, & good luck to everyone else! x

Someone Is Special said...

Wonderful news one shot poetry.. looking forward for this..

--Someone is Special--

Claudia said...

this rocks!!

Cor said...

This is so exciting!!! Thank you everyone at One Shot Poetry for this wonderful opportunity. I do have one question about if our poems are chosen. Do we relinquish all rights to our poems? Thank you!
Corbie Sinclair

June_Butterfly said...

WOW!This is amazing news.Excited for everyone.haven't been joining long but I've met some real great poets here and have read truly amazing works.Whoever will be chosen will surely deserve it.

Emmanuel Ibok said...

Good news...success to all.

Cheers to y'all!

Myrna R. said...

This is fantastic. Good luck with compiling the best of the best and how nice of you to do all this work.

Katherine said...

Wow! Congratulations One Shot crew. You guys have all worked so hard & this is an awesome opportunity. I am assuming that your own works will also be considered in the mix, as not only are you admin, but certainly also amazing poets in your own rights. I will have to take a look, as I think I have missed one week, but other than that have been in from the beginning. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity for so many artists.

signed...bkm said...

Another exiting project taken on by One Shot...Thank you for all your hard work...bkm

Tina said...

Oh how totally wonderful! I can't wait to see the finished book! Thanks to all of you who make this possible!

moondustwriter said...

please look through your poems everyone. We have had some amazing work on this site - you may think yours isn't good enough ( I never do) but we would love to see yours published

best from Moondustwriter

Caty said...

congrats One Shot! this is exciting :)

Hope said...

this is so exciting, One Shot! Congratulations! :)

pri said...

i stumbled upon this site just today and i would love to submit my poetry for this contest...
however since i wasn't aware of this site earlier, i have not been able to submit any of my poetry here before..
can i still participate and be considered eligible for the book??

waiting with fingers crossed :)

dustus said...

@pri You are welcome to participate in One Shot Wednesday! Sign up begins @ 5 pm EST each week. The first 6 months to be included in the anthology ends December 29th. The post also mentions that Poetry Editions Press is currently accepting submissions :)

As Pete stated, One Stop began to "actively encourage and help poets become published." So glad poets are enjoying the experience of OSW. Here's to its beginning and continuation! Thank you, Limited Editions Press.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing opportunity! Good luck everyone!

Beachanny said...

There have been so many fantastic poems submitted that this collection will be superlative. Whichever poems are chosen, however, the winner will be OneStopPoetry. This is the best support group and forum for poetry eve--giving voice to poets from around the world. the team who founded this great website.

Chris G. said...

What better news to kick off the weekend with? Hurrah!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! How incredible is this~ I just found one Shot last week and already have been floored by how amazing it is! Congrats One Shot crew!!

moondustwriter said...

Just to clarify - anyone who has submitted a poem to One shot Wednesday or been featured before the 29th of December 2010 is eligible

best to all of you

Gabriela Abalo said...

Awesome news!!!

Thank U :)

Eric Alder said...

Which one of your children do you love most? Oh crap! And I'm still trying to get caught up on my reading from the weekend!

(Very cool, putting together an anthology like this!)

Tammy said...

So exciting!! With so many talented writers participating I'm sure it won't be an easy task.

Anonymous said...

So awesome!!! I guess I'll need to flip through my files now =)) ~ Included or not you are all awesome on One Stop Poetry and ever last one contributing. Always in awe! Such a cool place for anyone devoted to creative realms! =) ~April